Easy way to put youtube video to blogspot

many of you have know how to put youtube video into blogspot post but many other people in internet don’t know how to do it the easy way. Ok, let’s go on. Firstly, you must choose any video you want in youtube website and then look at the bottom of the video. A link called Blog Video is how you can easily put your video you’re your blogger post. Before you can use this method, you must register with youtube . The registration just takes a while. Click at this link and a new window will popup but it will tell u to setup your blog detail. Choose blogger and enter your blogger username and password, not your youtube username. That’s the end of the story. This is the method that very easy and fast to embed youtube to blogspot post.

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1. Go to youtube.com and search for your required video

2. Copy the embeded code(ctrl+c) and paste(ctrl+v) it in windows notepad.

3. Sign in in to your blogger acoount and click the New Post button and next,select the option ‘Edit html’      as  shown below and paste the html code as shown below.

4. Publish the post.That’s it, as you can see now,the youtube video is embeded in your post properly.
    NOTE:You can change the width and height of the video by replacing the values to your desirable ones.

Embedding a YouTube Video
To embed a video from YouTube, just copy the code from the “Embed” box on the video’s YouTube page. You can find the “Embed” box in the “About This Video” box when you’re watching the video. You can also get the code from the “Embed HTML” box on the “Edit Video” page if the video belongs to your YouTube account.

To embed a YouTube video within a blog post, first click “Edit HTML” from within the post editor. Next, paste the video’s code into the body of your post. That’s it!

Set Up One-Click Video Sharing
Sharing directly from YouTube is even easier and you’ll only have to set it up once.

  • Click the “Share” button on the YouTube video’s page
  • Scroll down and click “Setup your blog for video posting.”
  • Click “Add a Blog/Site”
  • Choose “Blogger” as your Blog Service and fill in your Google Account login information.
  • Choose which blogs you’d like to add to your YouTube account. You can choose more than one.
  • From now on, when you click “Share”, you’ll be given the option to post YouTube videos directly to your blogs!
  • from Blogger Help

        If you have any doubts regarding to this post,feel free to ask it here via your comments.

    28 thoughts on “Easy way to put youtube video to blogspot

    1. thanks for your advice! hope it works -crossing fingers-

    2. NIce tips mate

    3. “Click at this link… ”
      which link?

    4. Under the video you choose, There’s a link “Post Video” if im not mistaken…Click it and then you are…setup your blog information..done!

    5. Thank you a lot.. I was trying to broadcast funny videos in my blog but I didn’t know even the harf way :)) Thank you really a lot ..

    6. cool ..thanks

    7. hmm… I still find the embedded method is the fastest way…

    8. I didn’t know it was that simple =) Thanks man.

    9. Sorry! can you explain a little more. I tried to do that but there is no icon for blogger in there.

    10. Tried this it did not work

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    13. hey, ive tried to put the copied embed but it still didnt work out.
      whats the problem ya? or, did i miss something?

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      Thanks a ton for sharing this useful tip.

    15. thanks for this article, this is very helpfull 🙂

    16. im still lost i have no idea what your talking about please help

    17. u can try one from 3 ways option above…

    18. thank you has to write this article, it helped me install the video youtube in my blog

    19. Thank you so much! It works!

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    22. Just found your site and bookmarked…Good job…Thx!

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    26. This is a good little blog I can not believe that I didn’t stumble upon it already!

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